1. Development

We are a team of innovators, so there are enough ideas in our stock to make your product unique! Individually developing eco-friendly packaging is a challenge and is something you want to develop!

2. Branding

Branding is our passion. How to briefly tell the consumer about your brand by engraving? We know all about it! Our goal is your personality.

3. We are the first in the world to create wood carvings!

We have transferred the principle of carving to natural wood. This helped to abandon the plastic or metal lids. Our lid is unique, it does not come in contact with the product, which makes it hygienic and safe. + Our products are 100% reusable and have a minimum environmental footprint.

4. Suppliers

We encourage the leading manufacturing companies in Ukraine! Plant of metal tubes, glass factories, production of bioplastics. We work with the best companies that take decisive steps towards zero waste in Ukraine.

5. Production

We are Zero waste production.

Our packaging is reusable and suitable for reuse.

In our production process there is no cost of water resources

Why no waste? Because you can make lids from dispensers or glasses and filler from chips!

6. Responsibility

Currently 97% of cosmetic containers in our country are imported from Poland, Czech Republic (glass), China (plastic, components).

We also produce our packaging in Ukraine + cooperate with domestic glass factories. That is, the packaging is no longer required to be imported to Ukraine due to half the world, less CO2 emissions. It is no accident that our production is located in Polissya. It is one of the centers of the forest industry.
We decided that it was unfair to cut down trees to create an eco product ... even if it was a union or to plant new trees.

We have solved this problem differently. They were located among the industries of the furniture industry, coal, windows, etc.

We use a tree that is not suitable for SIZE or other dimensions for the above productions. So we save the trees and make them products that will serve for years displacing plastic.

7. The goal

8. Minimum order

Our mission is to create a high quality product at an affordable price, since it is first and foremost interesting for us to work with medium and small businesses.
Therefore, you can order our most popular products in as little as 50 units.

9. Certificates

We care about quality and safety! Therefore, the vector of our company is aimed at passing all the required certificates of product quality.

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